The iTV Studio Philosophy
Our goal for iTV-Studio is to build the world's lightest, most portable, and most affordable multi-camera recording and live streaming system, so small independent groups can produce live television shows that can be seen anywhere in the world over the Internet. We call it iTV.

We also plan to research and report on the new technologies and techniques we use to achieve this goal.

Streaming 1080 HDMI video using wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet via microwave transmission, and wireless Internet via cellular modems.

Long-distance 1080 HDMI video cabling via SDI, Fiber optic, and HDMI over Ethernet.

Wireless HDMI technology for cameras.

Building a Media Object Server (MOS).

Developing and publishing open-source software for a program rundown schedule.

Designing and building the lowest-cost one-way "intracom" system for program director commands to camera operators.

How one camera operator can manage three cameras for slow moving events like lectures and panel discussions.

The iTV-Studio is a research and development project by the scientist, inventor, and philosopher Bob Doyle, who has been adapting consumer devices to reduce the cost of film and video tools for over forty years.

Bob likes to say he puts the means of production in the hands of the people, not by nationalizing them as Karl Marx proposed, but by making them incredibly affordable.